Enable Order Editing in theme editor

Enable Order Editing in your theme editor. This will integrate the Order Editing portal with your store's theme, branding, products and enable our portal to open as an Iframe on your domain once you have the 'embedded order editing link' hyperlinked into the footer of your site.

Step 1: Enable theme extension. This will integrate your customer portal with your storefronts theme and absorb your branding. Click the above link.

Step 2: Preview the Order Editing experience. Make sure you are happy with the customer portal settings and how it looks - this is what your customers will interface with. You can customize all settings here:

Step 3: Enable the ‘Forms’ app embed or hyperlink the above embedded experience URL on the footer of your site. The ‘Forms’ app block will add a button linked to your portal at the bottom of your site. Hyperlinking the embedded experience URL will have the same effect but lets you keep this within text of your choosing.

Now that the embedded experience URL exists on your site, your customer portal will open on your storefront as an iFrame when that URL is clicked either on site or from any communications you send, like the order status page. This is a seamless experience for customers, letting them edit their order on your familiar domain, with no impact on site speed.

Next we will put the Order Editing portal into your order status page.

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