Send post-purchase upsell emails

Toggling this on in the customization settings will send customers the below email from your store a few hours before orders ship. If you have set a cutoff time, it will send at the halfway point of this. For example, with a one hour cutoff time the upsell email will be sent 30 minutes after purchase.

This is the email that will drive additional revenue for your store and ensure that customers double check their order for accuracy. It will be sent from your Shopify email address and use your Liquid templates to ensure brand consistency.

Alternatively, if you want to take more ownership of the upsell opportunity we integrate seamlessly with Shopify flow, allowing you to further customize when and how you email customers port-purchase.

Visit the "recommended Shopify flow templates" documentation for more.

If you do elect to upsell through Shopify flow, you should disable the above Upsell emails customization block. This will avoid any doubling of touch points.

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